A commercial cleaning company and a Moorhead city inspector have dropped by our home this week. In a nutshell, anything touched by water should go.

I use the word water loosely since we did have some storm sewer backup. I mean, I didn’t see the brown solids some people had, but the water definitely wasn’t clear and the house had "that" odor the first two days last weekend before settling in to just a damp, wet smell.

I have a crew of people coming by tomorrow to help us. I don’t know exactly what to do. I’ve taken photographs, documented as many things as possible and I guess I hope that someone picks up the tab.

It isn’t easy. I’ve heard stories (though unconfirmed) of insurance policies dodging the issue. Have storm sewer backup? Have coverage? Denied, because it was a "flood" that caused it and since you didn’t have flood insurance, you’re SOL (sorry for the pun.)

Some neighbors of mine have already tore their basement apart and the discarded items are on the curb.

Problem is, Friday’s news of a high or higher second crest isn’t sitting well with anyone. Will it do any good to clean this mess up only to have possibly more damage in a couple weeks?

This isn’t fun and while most give you a straight answer, it isn’t always the solution. We did, however, have a great conversation with the city inspector today who was about up front as anyone could be.

I’ve been told that since the water came up 1-2" that my carpet, walls (or at least 2 feet) have to go, plus I should replace my water heater, too. Our basement is finished and again, while I feel very fortunate compared to some homeowners, this recovery process isn’t going to get any faster. And maybe not even better.

Has anyone had great success so far receiving help? Or are we looking too fast? It is the insurance companies and government after all.