Vikings expectations

Do the Minnesota Vikings have a chance to win the Super Bowl this year?

Of course, every NFL team has a shot this time of year.

Given the parity of the league and this "any given Sunday" deal, you’d expect the Minnesota team, now with Brett Favre behind the wheel, to be a pretty decent team this year.

The threat – threat – of passing the ball this year is one of the key needs coming into this season. That’s been accomplished by signing Favre. Of course, his receivers need to be able to catch the ball. The Vikings, before they went on a wide receiver overhaul the last few seasons, had plenty of greasy hands running out from the line of scrimmage.

You’d think, with a potent backfield of Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor, that the team is very well rounded. Top-notch run defense with Kevin and Pat Williams, a superior pass rush with Jared Allen and Ray Edwards, fly-to-the ball linebackers with E.J. Henderson’s return and a decent secondary.

But the deal is this, it’s a good team and the NFC North is there for the taking. Favre will still need to fire it downfield on occasion and scramble as well as an 18-year veteran can.

There’s a lot of hype, but to predict a Super Bowl victory now is utter stupidity. Still, the Vikings have so much going for them. Not only do they have the best running back in the NFL, but have some of the best in the league in other positions.

Sounds a lot like 1998, doesn’t it? Hardly. Even a superior regular-season campaign that set the NFL record for points scored doesn’t mean much when it comes to the playoffs. Every team needs not only a strong field presence but strong and forward-looking coaches.

Vikings fans have learned to control hype with reality over the years. Just when you think the team is going to the Super Bowl, somebody takes a knee and sends them into a tailspin.

But there’s no question this franchise is due – even if Zygi Wilf has to buy it. There’s no question he’s shelled out enough dough to do this.