Vikings have a chance

It’s a long season and injuries will happen. But your 2-0 Minnesota Vikings (0-2 first half of games) are still 2-0 and didn’t lose a home game to Cincinnati yet. That game is Dec. 13 at the dome.

The Favre-less Packers surely want this one back. You don’t want Chad Ochocinco jumping into your crowd anymore, now do you?

Green Bay was supposed to come after the Vikings this year and challenge for the NFC North title, but this loss is going to hurt.

I’m absolutely sold, and have been from Day -258, on Brett Favre playing quarterback for the Vikings.

Ho-hum performances so far, you say?

No matter what he is or isn’t doing, Favre is doing enough of the right things and little of the bad things. No interceptions, no crazy 60-yard up-for-grabs and fall-to-the-turf bombs or getting his linemen confused barking out an audible from the New York Jets’ system.

When Vikings coach Brad Childress told the media today that there’s no such thing as a bad win, Detroit will take a horrible win any day.

Vikings fans should remember when the team tried for pretty wins, and looked what that amounted to? Two ugly losses in 41-doughnut and the 1998 NFC title game collapse. You tell me that if the Vikings didn’t have a superior ground game in those years (or, at least, take advantage of it), that we wouldn’t be sitting here today figuring out why this team – arguably the best franchise ever not to win the Lombardi Trophy – hasn’t won the big one.

Favre will have to toss up a 300-yard game eventually, and the odds are he probably will have to real soon against the Packers in a couple weeks. Considering the Vikings very well could position themselves with a two-game lead after that game, Green Bay’s loss today meant a whole lot more.

Chicago’s victory over Pittsburgh is huge, but can Chicago really sustain this season after flopping in Game 1?

There’s no need to go any further than the regular season here. Every Vikings fan realizes that 15-1 can’t even get you a cup of coffee at the Super Bowl. But it’s not to early to start grinding the beans if this team keeps grinding it out on the ground and grinding out wins.