State of MSUM

I’ll be up front: I’ve only attended one MSUM men’s basketball game this year. Prior to that, it’s been decades since I’ve seen a Dragons basketball game.

So much for the support of an alumna.

But the same can be said about the support of now former coach Stu Engen. After eight years, he hasn’t received much either.

It’s too bad because his young team, from the loss I witnessed against Bemidji State, appears to have a solid core of players to make a conference run in the next year or two.

The player that impressed me the most was Dennis Williamson. A feathery touch for a big man, the 6-foot-6 forward/center should be able to give the Dragons a stronger inside presence in years to come. Add that along with the fiery Jake Driscoll and perhaps you have a 1-2 punch that is just beginning to gel.

Granted, Engen has had eight years to get the Dragons on solid and consistent footing, but not renewing his contract is the least of the worries at MSUM.

The football staff is in disarray and the improvement of facilities hasn’t been addressed in ages.

Engen sounded off in a quick e-mail to The Forum today.

Does the basketball coach need to win? Yes, just like every team. But if you step back and evaluate what Engen has had to deal with and the state of status quo in the rest of the athletic department, Engen might have been onto something.

He was one of the last coaches that needed to go.