Can't have it both ways now…

If you’re griping about the Twins not having a roof, you’re a couple years late to the party.

Wednesday’s game, played mostly through rain, is something Minnesota fans haven’t had to deal with since 1981.

Get used to it.

We here in Fargo-Moorhead have a lot more at stake driving to a Twins game, and that’s understandable. But it isn’t like a Twins game is the only thing of importance.

Say you’re going to Disneyworld or Disneyland. I bet you’ll book a trip three months out and never take into consideration the weather in either state. Then you will get there and it’ll rain for four days straight and you’ll come back disappointed, but you won’t be calling for a roof over those Mickey Mouse outfits.

So don’t think you can have you cake and eat it, too. Most of us were tired of the Metrodome and clamored for outdoor ball.

Well, you got it. Now deal with it.