Daly on the Ryder Cup? LOL

I was browsing some sites this morning and a comment to a post made an interesting pitch for John Daly to be a captain’s pick for the U.S. Ryder Cup team.

What, and leave off Tiger?

Perhaps years (many years) ago when Daly was in his prime, golfing career that is. But the guy more recently known for his YouTube antics than solid play has only one Top 25 finish — in the past three years.

Daly has made more of an effort to play this season, making 12 of 17 cuts, but that doesn’t cut it. Despite posting a 70.96 scoring average, by far his best in the past five years, bringing him to the Ryder Cup is like inviting Kathy Griffith to a cocktail dinner of A-list celebrities.

As much as we love Daly, his numbers are D-list this season. It might be several years before Daly and Ryder Cup are not only mentioned in the same sentence, but in the same article.

Meanwhile, there should be little doubt Tiger makes the Ryder Cup team. After all, he is Tiger Woods, still the top-ranked player on the planet. While not stellar in this tournament (he’s lost the second-most Cup matches of any U.S. player in history), if he’s physically able to play, Woods should be a lock. One can only be Tiger to understand the mental toll his recent divorce and public scandal has had on his golf game.

But if team captain Corey Pavin loses without Tiger, that’ll draw more attention than if he loses with Tiger. How’d you like to be in Pavin’s shoes?