West Fest parade something to feel good about

We’ve all heard about the good things going on in West Fargo in recent years.

The city outworn its little kid in the F-M neighborhood clothing years ago and isn’t afraid to show off its fancy duds and community spirit nowadays.

The West Fest parade has to be one of the best for miles around. It’s not that I comparison shop that much, either, it’s just that I’d find it hard to believe many parades are better.

West Fargoans know the secret is out, too. When your city draws the same number of people as your population to a parade, something good is going on.

With my little kids in tow, parades and community events are becoming more and more a part of our summer routine. The kids, well, they love the sirens, big trucks and, of course, the candy. I’m trying to grasp this concept: Just how much candy is being tossed out to the children at these parades?

At the recent Dilworth parade, I learned my lesson. We didn’t bring a bucket, pillowcase or small Ranger pickup, so I had to help my kids carry their sugar-coated loot in my pants pockets, their pockets and any other free limb we had.

We showed up a half-hour into West Fest and my kids, 4 and 2 years old, collected a full ice cream bucket worth, and that’s even about 6/8ths through the parade. I counted just one parader say they were out of candy by the time they reached our vacinity.

It’s wonderful, really. Even I scored up some ‘tater chips.

It’s not all about the candy, of course. But West Fargo should feel good about one thing, it’s becoming a sweeter place to visit. In fact, if West Fargo ever feels it needs to break away from the Fargo family now since it’s all grown up, Candyland just might fit.