Putting salaries in perspective

MoolahWe must give thanks to the Chicago White Sox for tanking the past two weeks in what could’ve been a competitive stretch run to the AL Central pennant. We must also give thanks to the Sox signing Manny Ramirez, who instead of lighting a fuse, he watered down the matches.

Sure seems like wasted money to me.

Ramirez’s salary calculator is here. There’s one for Brett Favre here, too. If this is correct, these guys are making what appears to be better than $1 a second this season. Since there’s 31,536,000 seconds in a year, it has to be pretty close. Fun site.

Want to know your pace?

Copy this in your browser: http://www.salary-money.com/NAME-salary-xxxx.php

Substitute the xxxx with your annual income. Then try it with Tiger Wood’s salary of $125,000,000.

More perspective

Target Field seats 39,504 with a standing room-only maximum of 41,000. Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer’s salary this season is $12.5 million. Receiving a dollar from every fan during a Target Field sellout, a typical North Dakotan would earn his or her wage at one ballgame. It would take Mauer 3.7 seasons of sellouts at Target to do the same.

As I’ve stated on previous blog posts before, professional athletes deserve what they get paid. They provide entertainment for corporate outings, your family, put thousands upon thousands of concession and media people to work at networks and highly read newspaper sections and magazines. That in turn offers advertising opportunities that small and large business owners use, which in turn makes more money for themselves. And, of course, there’s the merchandising arena. And golden boys such as Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau entice kids to get out and play ball, etc.. The wheels keep spinning.

Yes, there’s no mistaking that some athletes make more money now (we’re not talking Harmon Killebrew dough in the 1960s) than they’d probably ever imagine spending. Just think, in the time it took me to write this paragraph, Favre raked in $280 and Woods could’ve bought a decent high-def flatscreen.