If the Twins win it, it’d be tops

Let’s venture out a ways on this rainy evening.

If the Minnesota Twins should happen to win the World Series this year, they’d have the best winning percentage in the World Series with teams having at least four appearances. Pittsburgh, with five wins in seven trips, has a .714 record. Of course, the Twins would have a .750 mark (2010, 1991, 1987 and the 1965 loss).

This year’s team would have to run the table 9-0 starting tonight to finish one game shy of the team’s 102 wins in 1965, the most ever by the Twins in a single season.

If the Twins average about 4.5 runs per game down the stretch, they will finish with the most runs out of any of their previous three World Series teams.

The 1987 Twins were outscored in the regular season by a margin of 20 runs. This season they are plus-138.

Here’s a look at the past three Twins’ World Series regular seasons with runs scored, runs against and record:

Year    runs/allowed   W-L

1965 … 774-600 … 102-60

1987 … 786-806 … 85-77

1991 … 776-652 … 95-67

2010 … 746-608 … 92-61 (through Friday, 9 games remain)

A statistical oddity: In 1996, the Twins scored a Minnesota franchise-high 877 runs and allowed 900. The team finished 78-84 (4th in the AL Central.)