Twins entering Vikings territory now

“Hey, when do the Twins finally begin the playoffs?” I ask.

“It’s over, they lost,” someone says.

“Lost what? You mean the that Tiger game where Mauer was resting?”

“No, the Yankees playoff series you idiot. It’s over. Three-zip. They’re done!”

“Oh. Yes, I see right here. Creamed. Whipped. Stomped.”

The Minnesota Twins first-round exits sound a lot like the Timberwolves woes during Kevin Garnett’s stay. Of course, their habitual playoff losses are much like the Vikings, except without the throw-a-brick-at-your-TV pain that goes along with the purple.

Now Minnesota has a college coach who can’t stand the neighbor running up the score.

Do we have to pin our hopes on the Vikings delivering every October? I guess so.

That’s the downfall of Minnesota sports every October. The Twins lose and then we have to think the Vikings will catch a gust of wind. Forget about the Timberwolves, they don’t even have a sail. (Gosh, did I just bring the “Love Boat” incident into all this by accident?)

The Wild, well, they got that Cullen fella, so at least they’ll be somewhat interesting to follow.

So as most of us turn our attention to the Vikings, and it’ll be hard not to with Randy Moss’ return, we should pretty much try to erase the last 45 days from our sports memory bank. The weather’s been good, but the sports have been lousy.