With Moss left behind, a win won’t do Vikings much good, but it’s necessary

The news of Randy Moss’ departure from Minnesota was a shock, though anytime a player gets waived during a season it should be. It simply doesn’t happen very often.

But it was absolutely the right thing to do.

Cris Collinsworth said it best a few weeks ago on a telecast that when Moss doesn’t run his routes hard, it leaves the impression that safety help can go elsewhere. Plus, when Brett Favre has to move out of the pocket or go away from his primary reciever, Moss likely isn’t open or moving enough to throw him the ball.

You just wonder why Moss didn’t get an more of an earful from players or coaches on the sideline. Moss probably only listens to himself, but if Favre would’ve stuck his face in Randy’s and let him have it for the lollygagging, it’s hard to say if even that would’ve changed his ways.

Plus, with the other various off-the-field problems Moss had over the weekend, good riddance. While it’s a shock Moss was let go, it’s even more of a shock head coach Brad Childress had the gumption to do it.

Enough of Moss.

This season’s fuse is about to blow anyway, but let’s take a look at the upcoming game, shall we?

The Vikings need immediate help from their NFC North counterparts. The Bears (4-3) should have an easy win over winless Buffalo in a game played in Toronto. Ditto for the Packers, who face the clueless and Romo-less Cowboys in Green Bay.

That leaves the 2-5 Vikings in what has to be a must-win situation against the 3-4 Cardinals at Mall of America Field. A win won’t do the Vikings much good trying to catch those teams, but a loss would likely be the last shovel of dirt on what I expected to be a 14-2 season.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of reception the Vikings receive when they step out onto the field.

The Vikings have won 6 of their past 8 games against Arizona and Favre has lost only once at home as a Viking. The Cardinals can’t move the ball on offense and can’t stop much on defense and are an even-worse -9 in takeaway/giveaway compared to Minnesota’s -7. But, of course, in a season where the past has no idea where the future is, you can throw out all trends and statistics.

Kenny Albert, Moose and Goose have the call for FOX at noon.