Vikings so messed up, what good would a move make?

I’m guessing 90 percent of Purple country got caught up in the hype. Brett Favre’s return would mean the Vikings could cruise through the regular season, win a couple playoff games and put themselves 2 minutes away from a Super Bowl berth and not screw it up this time.

I was one of them.

I feel not only duped, but stupid.

For that, the punishment is clear. Those 10 percent who knew better can listen to us pout most Sunday afternoons.

You got your wish. Happy?

I had this great comeback years ago with a 6-foot-8 high school basketball teammate of mine. To set this up, I had 1 more point than he had dunks. Problem there, he was no Vince Carter. Problem here, I only scored two points.

Brett Favre only has one more Super Bowl victory than the Vikings franchise.

I’ve read a lot of columns and blog posts the last few days. Yes, the team really isn’t all that good. The team is older than dirt. The coaches are beyond stubborn. Chilly must go. Etc., etc.

What should happen:

1. End Favre’s streak now. Yes, the miracle throws/catches and comebacks make for great TV, but if you’re throwing Hail Marys at home against San Francisco and coming from a two-TD deficit against Arizona (again, at home), it’s time for the pine. Plus, when the other team is the fifth leading receiver on your team, it’s time.

2. Can’t catch? Run. What puzzles me is why Randy Moss and Percy Harvin didn’t get touches by running (fake) end-arounds with the free safety 8 miles behind the line of scrimmage is beyond me. Now with the great Moss experiment behind them, even Tennessee is beginning to find out Moss hasn’t yet proved he can be an impact player.

With the remaining Minnesota receivers, we now find out that they can’t catch or improvise routes based on coverage. And the two receivers who didn’t play last game either a) decided it wasn’t worth their sweat once they were cleared to play or b) Too soft that they had to get into a Twitter discussion to explain it wasn’t worth theirs either.

3. Blitz. Try it.

All these answers point to one person to do it: Brad Childress. He has no QB next year (ditching Sage Rosenfels, no matter what he said, started this mess), has no defensive line next year, likely won’t have a better receiving corps next year and shouldn’t have a job next year.

Seriously, think back to the last great win the Vikings had? Stumped? Dallas in the playoffs last year? Ha. How ’bout them Cowboys now? Same team. Different season. Lets not forget the Vikings had the second softest schedule in 2009 and the perfect scenario to win the NFC North. After that, playoff games just become a coin-flip.

The view in the rear-view mirror is quite sharp these days. Problem is, Chilly is still driving. And at this stage, the team is so deep in disarray, what good would a coaching change do at this point in the season?