Chew on this at Wrigley

Perhaps it’s time to get Minnesota Vikings great Jim Marshall to come out of retirement, lace up the cleats and show Northwestern and Illinois the right way to go only one-way.

The two college football teams play today inside the ivy at Wrigley Field in Chicago. It’s the first football game at the baseball park in decades and the first collegiate matchup played there since 1938. However, now after the field has been painted, safety concerns were raised about the field not having enough of a buffer between an end zone and a wall. A brick one.

According to this ESPN blog, the field does not meet NCAA requirements.

No matter the padding, which has been installed, it’s still too close, the schools say. So now they’ll have every team scrimmage in the same direction. Obviously punt returns, interceptions and the like will still run toward the other end zone (or else that’d make for one funny-looking game), but the back of that end zone in those cases shouldn’t come into play. (Unless of course, you’re Dan Orlovsky.)

The Cubs, meanwhile are surprised, according to this report on, that the decision to have a one-way game will take place.

Well, it wasn’t until 1974 that the NFL figured out goal posts in the middle of the end zone wasn’t such a good idea. What wasn’t such a good idea is finally figuring out that Wrigley is only good for baseball.

But with the seats so close to the action, who knows, maybe Steve Bartman can haul in a football.

For a video look, see AP’s Wrigley Field story.