My role is changing at The Forum

A new year brings a new position for me here at The Forum.

After 23 years working in print journalism, including nearly 20 here at this newspaper, I’ll be switching over to the web world as online editor.

It’s a bit bittersweet.

I’m not moving too far, just a few steps away from my current desk. Still, it’s easy for me to remember sometime in the winter of 1991 stepping into The Forum for the first time. Certain sportswriters still had hair and the paper was still two years away from publishing color photographs.

My first job: Answering the sports phones at night and compiling the scoreboard page. First byline: Covering a Moorhead girls basketball game.

Somewhere in between then and now, Al Gore invented the Internet (kidding), but the web came along, then the MySpaces, Facebooks and Twitters.

As the new online newsroom team gets our collective feet on the ground, online readers should expect an ever-changing landscape on Simply put, more news, more often.

We’ll also try to point you toward news that affects you and your family, whether it be food, health or money stories. We’ll also try to incorporate more blog posts from for further reading with related news articles.

Shane Mercer is our new F-M area blog contact. If you’re interested in starting a blog on a certain topic, he’ll be glad to help you out. He can be reached at

You’ll also see a frequent blog from me about the hidden treasures on, among other helpful posts.

I’m looking forward to the new year.

3 thoughts on “My role is changing at The Forum

  1. Not sure what online editor means but we need more NDSU baskeball coverage. The Bison baskeball team is dramatically under covered. Strange considering they are only 2 years removed from the NCAA Baskeball Tournament.

  2. Rob,
    You’ve still got hair! Enjoyed working with you at The Forum during my 23 years. You, Bob Lind, Jack Zaleski and the many others — including the “back shop” where the work really got done. Living in Texas and officiating basketball and softball.

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