He’s still loud and proud

With the Minnesota Vikings sitting at 1-4 heading into Chicago, I figured it was time to check on how Bruce Cusick, one of the Vikings public address announcers and emcee for several team functions, is doing these days.

If you haven’t heard them yourself, there’s apparently been a lot of “boos” being vocalized by the patrons of Mall of America Field. Even with the team blowing out Arizona last week. Fans are begging for a change at quarterback and a winning streak.

Cusick says this season reminds him a bit of last year by having high expectations, but says he’s totally enjoying what he does at team events and Sunday afternoons at the dome, which has been sold-out for every game during his time with the team.

“I always have fun,” he said. “You know, being a Vikings fan since I was a kid in the ’60s, having this job has been a blast.”

One of the changes this year in head coach Leslie Frazier’s first full season is introducing individual players onto the field before a game, something former head coach Brad Childress elected not to do the past few seasons.

Cusick says he’s enjoying those moments with the fans and players on the field.