The towel has been thrown

When most other quarterbacks are perfecting the back-shoulder throw, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Donovan McNabb went into Sunday night’s game as a master of the front-foot throw.

So, I started charting his passes Sunday night.

A high throw here, a behind throw there and several worthless completions later, I gave up. Did it really matter anymore that he hit Bernard Berrian between the numbers and he played “hot potato” with it, or that he threw to the feet of Visanthe Shiancoe? No.

Or would it have mattered if he hit Percy Harvin on an 80-yard fly route when the game was out of hand in the third quarter? No.

The Vikings are quite simply, the most boring team to watch in the NFL, even with the most explosive player in the league in Adrian Peterson.

McNabb is too soft-spoken to realize his faults and appears to lack a commanding presence on the team. Head coach Leslie Frazier has lacked putting anyone on notice. When he threatened to look at every flaw on the team after the loss to Kansas City, he changed nothing.

Arizona lost the next game more than the Vikings won it.

So they play lifeless in Chicago and now switch gears at quarterback at Christian Ponder. I doubt that was a move of a permanent change (still TBA, however) than it was to protect McNabb from further embarrassment with his mom in the crowd.

I’ve watched 30-plus years of Vikings football. This might be the worst year ever. And considering last season has been viewed as a complete collapse – even the dome caved in – we’re only six games in and there’s 10 more games of worthless viewing to come.

Watching crews clear snow from TCF Bank Stadium last season was more enjoyable to watch.





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